Help and FAQ

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Evernote integration

We’ve built a native integration for Evernote on Solid. It allows you to export your meeting summaries to Evernote once the meetings are over.

To connect Solid with Evernote, follow these steps:

  1. Run a meeting with Solid and press the “End meeting” button
  2. Select “Export to Evernote”
  3. You’ll be taken to the Evernote website to sign in and confirm the integration
  4. And voilà, you’re all set. You can now save all your meeting summaries to Evernote.

Slack integration

We’ve built a native integration for Slack on Solid. It allows you to export your meeting summaries to any Slack channels of your choice after the meetings are over.

To connect Solid with Slack, follow these steps:

  1. Run a meeting with Solid and press the “End meeting” button
  2. Select “Export to Slack”
  3. You’ll be taken to a Slack view in order to select your team
  4. Review the permissions and pick “Authorize”: congrats, you’ve set up the Slack integration!
  5. Back to Solid, you can pick the channel in which to export your meeting summary


We’ve partnered with Zapier to let you connect Solid with hundreds of apps.

What can I do with Zapier?

For now, we have 3 events that can trigger an action with Zapier and send data to the app you connected:

  1. Ending a meeting (useful to save and share meeting summaries)
  2. New action item assign to you (useful to manage your action items in another app, such as a project management app or to-do list app)
  3. New action item created (useful to manage a project as a whole, including tasks from all your teammates, in a project management app)

How to set up Zapier

You’ll find more information about Zapier on the dedicated Zapbook page. If you follow the steps, it should be easy.

Supported Calendars

Solid connects to your calendar to automatically pull your meetings. To create new meetings on Solid, create a new meeting in your calendar and it will automatically appear.
For now, Solid offers support for two calendars providers: Google Calendar and Office 365 (Azure).

How does Solid handle my data?

  1. Solid works on top of your calendar and needs access to it in order to replicate all meetings you have scheduled. Meetings can’t be created or deleted from Solid yet.
  2. Solid doesn’t alter any of the information entered in your calendar. It doesn’t edit or modify your meetings title, description, date or participants.
  3. Solid may optionally add a link at the end of the meetings description to help you quickly launch Solid from your calendar and invite other participants to join in.
  4. All the participants in a meeting who join Solid are on the same page and can add, edit or view each others’ notes.
  5. No emails are sent to the participants of a meeting unless they have joined Solid or someone on Solid send them one.
  6. As a user, you may optionally receive a daily digest of all your meetings to help you prepare for them.
  7. Solid is very serious about security! All connections with Solid are made through SSL SHA256 HTTPS. All data is stored redundantly in two different ISO 27 001 certified datacenters in France. We’ve partenered with Algolia to power our search engine, a renowned company just as serious about security as we are.
  8. Solid is developed by Wisembly, a 5 years old startup who makes apps for meetings. This name might pop up a few times, while connecting your calendar to Solid or configuring integrations with external apps.

How do I reach out to the team?

There are quite a few ways to contact us. For general enquiries (or love letters), please email:

To reach out for help, you can email:
You can also use the in-app chat service that you’ll see when using Solid, at the bottom right of your screen. We reply to everyone, as quickly as we can.

Solid is made in Paris by the Wisembly team.

How much does Solid cost?

For now, Solid is free to use. We are exploring the best strategies for best plans and looking to launch them in the near future. With that in mind, our goal is to keep a “forever free” type of plan where you’ll be able to use Solid’s basic features at no cost.