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The recipe to effective meetings is simple

Get everyone prepared for a successful meeting

Solid automatically retrieves all your agenda information from your Google Calendar. Your present and future events are analyzed, allowing you to receive instant notifications on the meetings that are not « solid » enough to be held.

Keep the meeting focused on the agenda

Solid will let you know on the time remaining before the end of the meeting and the agenda items that are left incomplete. Record your actions, your decisions and your open issues.

Receive actionable minutes right after the meeting

All participants receive a detailed summary of the meeting’s outcomes and also a list of their personal upcoming tasks. After all the meetings, a survey is automatically sent to all participants to get their feedback on the meeting's efficiency.

Working with things you use everyday

Solid works on top of your calendar provider. You’ll be up and running in a few clicks. We’re currently working on some other cool integrations. Stay tuned for more information! The most expected integration with project Socialboss. This will help to get more followers to Instagram.

SocialBoss integration

How does spending 7 years* in meetings sounds to you?

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How Can You Use Twitter For Meetings and Conferences?

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* That's how much the average worker spends in meetings over their lifetime.