How Can You Use Twitter For Meetings and Conferences?

Have you ever tried using Twitter to promote your conference? Indeed not a bad idea. Conference and trade event organizers have long adopted the social media space, which makes sense. This is important for nearly 40% of socially active Americans, as well as the large number of young professionals who attend many trade events and conferences. Most of them use this powerful platform daily.

Consequently, if you are not taking advantage of Twitter’s many opportunities to promote your conferences, you miss out on a huge chance to connect with and attract potential guests and attendees.

Smart Ways to Use Twitter For Your Conferences

If you plan to lock into the Twitter environment, then you should start with these necessary yet practical steps:

Research and Select a Compelling and Memorable Hashtag

A hashtag is an undoubtedly powerful tool for conference promotions and marketing. One of the main benefits is that a great hashtag allows visitors, guests, and suppliers to follow them. By clicking on a memorable hashtag corresponding to a given conference, users can track every information related to it. Furthermore, they can reference posts to provide more exposure, promotion, and publicity.

So, how exactly can you come up with the best hashtag for your conference? Check this out:

  • Short and simple – A hashtag with fewer than 10 characters is best.
  • Make it unique – Having a unique hashtag ensures that your efforts don’t get mixed up with someone else’s.
  • Avoid special characters – A hashtag that is easy to type works best. Hyphens and other special characters won’t exactly work in your favor.
  • Try smart abbreviations – If keeping your hashtag short is proving to be a fit, try using abbreviations. Select your abbreviations smartly, so they still align with your goals.
  • Be specific – Choose a hashtag that clicks. Something too generic might defeat the purpose.

Pro tip: Check out how other organizers create their hashtags. You might learn a new trick!

Employ the Art of Marketing: Pre-Conferencing Strategies

With all preparations and details ready, off to the next step! Now, it’s time to start promoting. Being one of the leading social media platforms, Twitter is a great marketing tool for promoting anything, including conferences. There are many ways on the platform to attract an audience to your meeting:

  • Early marketing – Getting things to happen is definitely not a one-day job. Getting significant marketing results from Twitter means that many processes are already done ahead of time. This will give you enough time to generate interest, mark goals, set reminders, and get users’ attention.
  • Have a visual identity – If you are familiar with the term branding, you should know how important it is to a successful campaign. From your profile to all your content, make sure they are tagged for instant recognition.
  • Bio credibility is important– As a conference manager, your identity is essential. Always give off a professional and detailed bio that summarizes you and the event.
  • Visual/motion content– Videos work well on Twitter when it comes to grabbing attention. Share detailed and knowledgeable conference messages in the video for better results.
  • Promote your choice hashtag – Twitter gives you plenty of room to promote. From pinned tweets and bios to content details – use each opportunity to post your hashtag.
  • Follower re-targeting – If you have a conference, you should be active most of the day. Engage your subscribers by talking about the meeting to generate interest.
  • Use Twitter influencers – Social media influence works wonders for the event. Join a community of influencers, reward vendors, sponsors, and marketers. Follow bloggers and use all these and other opportunities to grow your campaign.
  • Be detailed and informative – Don’t catch your audience too often. Share relevant information and details to keep them interested. Guests drips, deadlines, dates – all this can be used.

D-Day: Twitter Conference Promotion

Finally, the crucial day of the conference has arrived. The Twitter platform still has a lot to gain. You can juggle a lot of things, but here are some less time-consuming tips for doing online:

  • Teasers – short videos about what to expect or the peak of the conference would work wonders.
  • Engage your guests and attendees – the fact is that most visitors and guests must be present on the Internet. Raise awareness by using different online spaces creatively during the event.
  • Freebies and giveaways – it could be in any form. Freebies and giveaways are a great way to get immediate attention to Twitter.
  • Make it trendy – being too formal or overt is not suitable for Twitter. Give it something on-trend. Be creative and relevant.
  • Give online follow-up – this works both now and for future conferences. Tell your audience what’s going on. This will increase their engagement and interest, working in your favor the next time you have a meeting.
  • Be organized and timely – the primary day is bound to be task filled. Set a schedule for your online activities to keep both ends smooth and informed. Get planning tools that make it easy.

Final Marketing Step: Post a Conference

You might be done with the conference, but it’s certainly not over. Prep yourself up for future events. Engage and build an identity in preparation for the next time your meeting pops up. You don’t need to be overly active. Here are a few tips:

  • Know your people – involve the audience in polls and polls about the past event, what they like, and how they would like you to improve before the next experience.
  • Share memories – keep the visual contents of the event in front of your viewers’ eyes. Make them aware that something is going to happen. Build their interests.
  • Drop reminders – you can always start promotion in advance. Drop snippets of what’s to come and increase expectancy.

Marketing your conference on Twitter can be a real drive-through once you know what you’re doing. Have a plan, set a strategy, and with these steps, you can make it into a successful event.

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