3 Easy Steps to Create your Meeting Agenda

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Every time you hold an important meeting, you should create a proper meeting agenda before the beginning of the meeting. This is not just a stuffy old formality, it is a way of keeping your meetings short, streamlined, efficient and driven, all of which are important if you want to really want to get things moving in your direction. Step 1: Explain the purpose of your meeting in fewer than 4 sentences Start by giving…

[Poster] 7 Meeting Rules to Juice Up Your Meeting Room

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Here @Solid we strive to change the way people meet, work and collaborate during meetings by prepping attendees before a meeting, helping keep things focused on the agenda and providing actionable summaries only minutes afterward. Oh, and it works with Google Apps, Evernote & Slack and some other cool apps you use everyday. The only way to run effective and actionable meetings is to follow these 7 essential rules. So why don’t you use this manifest to decorate your meeting room and widespread…