How we kicked off our Private Beta launch. A BetaList Story.

Today I would like to share some thoughts and metrics about our first 2 moves regarding our new product launch, Solid:

  • we have built a powerful landing page
  • and kicked off the private beta launch with BetaList

For those who don’t know Solid yet, here’s a bit of context:
Everyone hates meetings, everyone does them. Here at Solid, we’re crafting an app to change that by prepping attendees for a meeting beforehand, helping keep things focused on the agenda and providing actionable summaries only minutes afterward.

During the product development process, we decided to start engaging subscribers and future users. It was the perfect time to plan a BetaList Launch!

1st Step - Building up a great Landing Page

We tried to make Solid’s landing page simple, efficient and original. We wanted to avoid the standard “Launching Soon” page and our goal was to go straight to the point and achieve the best balance of visual design at the same time.

We realized in such little time with the PD and Marketing teams that only the potential users would have the answers to our questions: finding the perfect set of arguments! Therefore, we decided to write a simple Google Form to get feedback on how to push and highlight Solid’s benefits in the most effective way.

Among the dozen questions about meetings’ habits in the form, we asked respondents to rate a few punchlines (including our competitors’). And this is the answer we were longing to know about!

The entire Wisembly Team posted the survey on their Facebooks, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter boards and their G+.  On the other hand, let’s face it, when you talk about meetings, you know that the majority of people are concerned, right? ;)

In a couple of days, 350 people answered the form! It took us another day to analyse the results and to finally get the final conclusion about the perceived value of Solid.

To be honnest, we were quite surprised. We thought “saving time” and “get global statistics about your meetings” would be the items rated as most problematic. It turns out a large majority of respondents are keen on using a solution that would enable “post-meeting actionable summaries”  and “commit participants before, during and after the meeting”.
Also, it was surprisingly clear that participants and the meeting’s organizer have different concerns and areas of efficiency’s improvement.

Once all studies have been conducted and all conclusions drawn, we finally designed the landing page according to this.

To handle a beta subscription, we used Prefinery : it’s quite easy to set up and so far, worked perfectly.

Also, all the feedback collected through the survey led us to 4 personas : the “Time Saver”, the “Organization Guru”, the “Brainstormer” and “the “Specialist”.

We then sent 4 different emails with 4 different links to Solid’s signup page to all the respondents depending on their profiles. Each of the 4 links redirected to a landing page with a specific wording. For example, someone whose profile is “Time Saver” landed on the landing page saying “Welcome Time Saver”.

We used to adjust our copy so it targets each specific group of our audience. A very engaging solution that helps raise our conversion rate!

2nd Step - Going Viral with Betalist!

When I listened to what Betalist’s featured startup say about their Betalist experience, there is no doubt this is the one website to discover for tomorrow’s startups. Solid needed to be there.

Betalist is completely free, but as they get 400+ submissions per month, it can be quite long untill your startup gets reviewed and goes online. We didn’t want to risk a long waiting time and we paid the fair $99 fee to expedite the review of Solid’s submission.

A few weeks after the beta launch, Marc Köhlbrugge, founder of BetaList, listed Solid as part of the “Startups of 2015”. He chose Solid because of it’s concept and landing page design:

What I like about Solid is that it solves a very clear problem in a very concise way with apparent great design and communication as far as I can tell from the landing page.

Solid’s success on Betalist led to other press articles*, mentions, and influencers’ tweets and more than 400 signups within a month

We’re pretty sure the winning combination of a powerful landing page and a blooming private beta launch through Betalist will help lead to a solid story :).

So get on board now, sign up for Solid’s beta, and start sending us some feedback through Uservoice pretty  (the private beta has just been opened) !

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