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Solid Named A Gartner Cool Vendor, New Integration With Office 365

As April nears its end, it’s time for us to update you on the latest news from Solid and the team. Office 365 connectivity is now live Solid connects to your calendar to help you easily access and manage all your meetings in one place. As we want to make Solid accessible to everyone, a big focus for us has been to add more services to connect with. Today, we are taking a big step towards this goal by adding connectivity…


I Thought Company Values Were Bullshit Until Solid Proved Me Wrong

The first time I was acquainted with Wisembly’s five core values was before I even joined the team to work on our newest app, Solid. It only took a few interviews for Romain, our CEO, to present them to me in details, and the rationale behind each. He added that everything Wisembly –and Solid does is engrained in these five mottos. He wasn’t lying. As I’ve been head down working on growing Solid, I kept on reflecting…

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6 Successful Startups Share Their Favorite Productivity Apps

At Solid, we’re dedicated to improving the way people work with each other. On the path to creating Solid, we’re trying new apps, techniques and tips we find online to become more productive. Whether we test them individually or as a team, some of these tools will stick around. That’s how our 40 employees adopted Slack with little to no friction. In this article, we turned to individuals in companies we love, to know about the productivity apps they use. This is a first on a series…


Science Tells You to Keep Doodling in Meetings

When I was a schoolboy, one of the things I would often get reprimanded for was my tendency to draw in class. Not that I was a bad drawer (which I definitely was), but because the teachers wanted me to listen to them, not draw. As it turns out, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Quite to the contrary: I might even have been giving them the best of my attention when I was doodling. This counterintuitive logic comes from various studies that have been…

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Professional Study: Managers’ Attention Drop 52′ Into a Meeting

Who never complained about ineffective meetings? A new study reveals shocking facts about our meeting habits. Did you know that your attention drops after 52 minutes on average, while your meetings tend to go on for 1h19? We’ve put this infographic together to show you all the data in a nutshell.

5 Tools To Do More With Less Meetings

Last week, I joined Wisembly, the team building Solid. Catching up on a company’s processes, getting to know everyone you’re going to work with, and just learning how you fit in the organization can take time. I’ve heard examples where it took up to a month for new hires to be fully operational. My experience was quite different here as I jumped straight into business and learned as I went. That was possible because the number of meetings to keep me up-to-speed was…