Solid Update: Public Profiles, Meetings Reports

tldr: We’ve just made an update with 2 improvements to Solid:
- Public profiles let you discover the people you’re about to meet. [learn more]
- Meetings reports give you insights into your meeting habits. [learn more]


Public Profiles, Meetings Reports update

For the brave, here’s the long version where I explain why we did this. I’ll also give details on what’s new and what has changed. If you aren’t in already, join the Solid beta to improve your meetings! (it’s free, it’s fun, and we *may* send you cool stuff at some point).

Since we started working on Solid, there’s been two big things that we sought to make better for everyone:

- Facilitating meeting preparation and execution
- Improving meeting habits

Today, we are moving one step closer to make this even clearer, with two big improvements.

1. Public Profiles - We do the research for you

We’re automatically generating profiles for attendees of your meetings. To do so, we’re using the API made by Clearbit, which collates public information attached to the person’s email address. Remember when I titled “we do the research for you” just 2 lines above? I lied: Clearbit does the research, we show you the results. Here’s what it looks like:

Example of a user profile on Solid

So here’s the info you get about Guillaume:

- His current role and company
- His education
- Links to his social accounts: Linkedin and Twitter, as well as his last tweet
- Additional information about his current company: quick summary, website, Linkedin and Twitter profiles.

All the info we show is public and accessible via some google search. We just think it’s better for you to access it straight from Solid.


2. Meetings Reports - More data, more insights to help you improve your meetings

With shared notes, reminders, time tracking, action items, we built a way for you to naturally get better at meetings. With this update, you can get insights about your meeting habits. Do more meetings that work, change the ones that don’t.

(hint: if you’re in a meeting right now, and reading this on your phone… NOT reading stuff on your phone during meetings would be a good way to  start!)

Graph showing your number of meetings per month

Here’s what you can expect to learn from these reports:

  • How many meetings you run each month and how much time you spend in meetings
  • When you’re meeting
  • Who you’re meeting with
  • Summary of your meeting habits (pictured below)
I’m doing OK, meetings-wise.


I’ll let you dig into the nitty-gritty by yourself. If you haven’t already, sign up for Solid to run effective meetings, every time. We still have plenty to do, and every bit of feedback helps.